Our Mission

Bless as Many Cubans as Possible.

Our mission is to help you experience the best of Cuba, share & document what you’ve learned, while blessing as many Cuban citizens as possible. Our goal is to produce quality marine and cultural analysis for our 2nd book, Cuba Ecology amidst helping restore the ocean.

The Cuba Scuba Team exists to support the Cuban people of civil society– encouraging life changing friendships among our two countries.  Come with us to participate in our exciting humanitarian – environmental project. Travel like family on this unique learning journey via guided surveys, photography and interviews with the opportunity to have your discoveries published!



Celebrating 20 Years with Cuba

Since 1998,  our Father-daughter team: William Houghton & Amy 

Houghton Warren conducted research immersions all over Cuba and detailed the journey.  They first traveled with a people-to-people exchange progam through the University of Havana and the University of Iowa.  They immediately fell in love with the Cuban people and their positive energy!

In 2003, the 236 – page guide book about Cuba’s marine environment was published!  Research included partnering with the Center for Marine Research of the University of Havana to conduct immersions from the Felipe Poey research vessel overseen by Dr. Maria Elena Ibarra Martin, Director of the Center who often stayed in the Houghton’s home when visiting Mote Marine Laboratories in Florida. 


In 2004, Amy was invited by the Center for Marine Research to be the keynote speaker at “Expo Buceo” in Havana to speak about her experiences with Cuba’s marine environment, the findings in the book and the outlook for the future of the reefs, diving and preparation for visitor impact on conservation initiatives.


In 2013, Amy & Bill founded AW Futures, LLC, a research media organization with the mission to formally build relationships and strengthen the Cuban people.


In 2015, when the American travel policy to Cuba relaxed, Bill obtained a Treasury license (CT-2015-316062-1) to begin the explicit research for writing and publishing our 2nd ecological book.  


In 2016, in June, Amy began the lengthy process of working towards an official agreement with Cuba to pursue humanitarian-environmental projects that support marine conservation and community projects to engage the heart of the Cuban people & culture with the purpose to produce meaningful research toward the 2nd book and in support of scientific organizations.

Our marine environmental monitoring & humanitarian support comes along side organizations including: The Guanahacabibes National Park Biology Team, Havana’s Center for Marine Research, the Havana National Aquarium and the Evangelical  League of Cuba (LEC). 


In the beginning of 2017, the official partnership

agreement with Cuba was reached allowing the ability to support humanitarian – environmental projects and related travel transactions in conjunction with citizen science opportunities to help with  discoveries for our 2nd book


On June 16, 2017, due to Trump’s change in policy, Cuba Scuba sought due diligence and interpretive guidance with a highly specialized attorney in Washington D.C.  She filed an amended application with the Office Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) of the United States Treasury Department for approval under the new Trump policy.


On July 25, 2017 the Cuba Scuba organization received an approved amended application from OFAC for general licensed travel (reference case #CT-2017-345990-1) under the Trump Administration and new policy toward Cuba!


In February 2018, Cuba Scuba formalized a Memorandum of Understanding with the Evangelical League of Cuba and Broadway Christian Church to recognize the relationships, humanitarian support and impact these organizations have been making together since 2015.  The intention is to expand the initiatives to continue to bless as many Cubans as possible in the most beneficial way around the island.


In mid 2018, the Cuba Scuba team officially signed an agreement with the Guanahacabibes National Park Biologist Team, formalizing our mutual conservation work and humanitarian support to this UNESCO Biosphere.  Cuba Scuba is able come along side four ecological programs the biologist team has implemented.  Also through this partnership one new program has been identified to launch and assist local residents in the village.



In the fall of 2018, Bill passed away after a period of chronic illness.

We mourn this magnificent loss of a rare and royal human being while our team resolves to grow in legacy. Bill defended his beloved island to a local news channel reporter, saying “Cuba is the happiest place in the world.  My most favorite years of adventure  were those spent in Cuba with my daughter.” He soulfully connected with Cubans’ optimistic view who believe there’s always a solution (siempre hay una solucion).  This persistent vision is at the heart of Team Cuba Scuba’s determination to find the right path to serve as we’re called to pay it forward.


In October 2018, Cuba Scuba signed an additional agreement with a Cuban organization specializing in ecology. It’s destined to be great for clients AND great for Cuba.

Travel like family.  Influence our exciting humanitarian – environmental project as we explore the island and bless as many people as possible. Help shape the narrative of this Cuban story of hope and resilience.  See what transformation awaits you on your journey of new friendships and meaningful expeditions.  Dive in. Give Back. Make an Impact.   Adelante!