Giving Thanks for Bill Jr.

Bill had a tenacious spirit of positivity, in life, business, family and faith. This small tribute is to the rare and royal-hearted human being that he was.  He will be dearly missed. We are better people for knowing him.

Death this year has taken men
Whose kind we shall not see again,
Pride and skill and friendliness,
Wrath and wisdom and delight,
Are shining still, but shining less,
And clouded to the common sight.
Time will show them clear again.
Time will give us other men
With names to write in burning gold
When they are great and we are old,
But these were royal-hearted, rare.
Memory keep with loving care
Deeds they did and tales they told.
But living men are hard to spare.

      ~John Holmes


In Memorial to Bill – the Cuban Church Construction Project

Bill was one of the first to help start the construction fund for a new Cuban Church building in Central Cuba.  He believed it was symbolic of a changing tide in Cuba that honored God.  He challenged others to see the importance – often times matching their donations to make a greater impact. Bill was hopeful to see it to completion, but unfortunately he passed away before it has finished.

In lieu of flowers, if you’d like to make a donation in his honor to this project dear to Bill and his family’s heart, you can do so at:

Before submitting your tax-free donation, be sure to write special instructions to denote
“For the Cuban Church – Love Bill”


Remembering Bill…




Bill’s Faith – In His Words


Bill’s Last Salsa Dance – Renewed Spirits with Friends

  1. Miss Cuba Scuba says:

    To my amazing Daddeo. I am so eternally grateful for the incredible force of encouragement and love you have been to me. I love you so much. See you soon, but until then we will continue the good work God has laid before us ~ Aimo

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