Growing in Resolve, Legacy & Service

This team delights in connecting you with the Cuban people.


Victoria Delesie,   Tour Leader

I’ve been a Cuba Scuba tour leader since the very first trip!  I passionately believe in this mission because I love the ocean, diving and the Cuban people. That’s why I’m so inspired to be a part of these realms coming together in a single effort.

The first time I visited Cuba, I was struck by the generosity and kindness of the Cubans. Although by comparison they seem to have so little, Cubans are the most giving people I’ve ever met.  It only takes one trip to fall in love with the Cuban people. I truly feel what makes Cuba Scuba unique is the heartfelt focus on the people. I’m proud of these unparalleled relationships not only in Cuba’s scientific and conservation community, but also with many individuals making a difference for their families and local community. These friendships are what motivate groups to come back year after year.

I’ve known the co-founders, Amy & Bill since 2000. They had a vision that I’m am utterly moved to see come to life. I am so thankful Bill Houghton lived to see his and Amy’s dream come to fruition. His influence and love of the Cuban people will live on in the mission of Cuba Scuba.


Ricardo Rodriguez,   Tour Leader 

I became a tour leader for Cuba Scuba in November of 2017. Growing up in Puerto Rico, I often heard stories about the Puerto Rican-Cuban connection.  When I pre-ordered the very first Cuba Scuba guide book  twelve years ago, I never imagined that it would return full circle, giving me an opportunity to live those adventurous stories and help create memories for future travelers, shaping the Cuba narrative now!

When I first met Amy and her father (Bill) at an industry scuba trade show, their passion for my neighboring country instantly awakened my childhood memories. I recalled when my dad told me about the Cuban musicians and shared this soul-stirring music with me. My first time feeling this music in Cuba was powerful.  The similarities between our two countries were true! The connections with everyone I came in contact with were so truly genuine and heartfelt.  From the instructors at Maria la Gorda, the staff, local guides, residents in La Bajada village, to Jorge & Alex in Havana.  What a special place they hold in my heart!

I’ve made a career in the professional scuba industry for over 30 years. Working with Cuba Scuba has been the icing on the cake to many great experiences. Cuba Scuba’s mission and vision is clearly one I share. I am excited to encourage and help everyone have a rewarding Cuban journey that is guaranteed to remain in your hearts and minds for years to com.



Lisa Fischer,   Marketing & Customer Service Professional

I am proud to support the Cuban people because of the zeal and passion I see in Amy Warren. Her joyful, ambitious pursuit of Cuban culture is contagious.

In my own experiences with the Cuban people,  I’ve been moved by their warmth, hospitality and ingenuity.  I look forward to going deeper with them, providing top service to clients and helping Cuba Scuba bless as many as possible.

I may not know the first thing about scuba diving, but it is an honor to bring my years of experience in marketing and customer service to the Cuba Scuba team.





Amy Warren,  President

From the moment my father and I set foot in Cuba, we knew we had found our ultimate laughing spot – our happy place.  Cuban culture stirred my soul unlike any other place I’ve been. The warmth, love and optimism were undeniable. Top it off with pristine ecology, incredible music, architecture, and a revolution with forbidden rum and cigars and I was hooked!

I’ve spent the past two decades peeling back Cuba’s complex layers and gaining new exciting ones.  Sometimes I feel Cuba is not just a place, but an ever-transitioning part of who I am.  The Cuban people are more than my friends. They’ve become family to me.  They continue to teach me how to love, serve and never give up. When I look at how God has evolved Cuba Scuba, I am amazed.  I hope to be a blessing in some way with those I cross paths and share this ocean-planet.