Our Next Book:  Why Cuba Ecology? 

Many recent guide books have been written about Cuba’s architecture and touristic activities that read more like a directory, travelogue or top 10 list.  There are history books on Cuba.  There are scholastic dissertations and environmental studies on Cuba. There are photographic coffee table books on Cuba.

Cuba Ecology is the book to help readers understand Cuba’s marine environment and how it relates to its culture, in an easy to understand format. Uncover why the 2nd most visited island in the Caribbean is emerging as a hope spot for healthy marine ecosystems. Explore how Cuba struggles to balance the desire for more economic opportunity without ruining current natural resources.

View a detailed  Table of Contents for this book .



– Stunning Photography

– Cuba Marine Science Agreements & Studies (minus scholarly jargon)

– New, Groundbreaking Marine Site Diagrams

– New, Baseline of Aquatic Marine Life Abundance

– Historical and Cultural Effects on Cuba’s Environment

– Regulations & Sustainable Harvesting

– Curated Traveler Anecdotes, Impressions and Discoveries from Hundreds of Americans who are Passionate about the Aquatic Environment and the Conservation Efforts to Preserve its Inhabitants.

– Straight Forward, Honest and with Easy-to-Understand Language


This science-supported, no-nonsense reference appeals to all those interested in why Cuba is the way it is. Learn more about the research for CUBA Ecology.